How Many Bankruptcies Are There in the USA?

Bankruptcies involving companies account for only 3% of the total number of bankruptcies in the United States. However, when it comes to personal bankruptcies, the numbers are much higher. Recent studies have revealed that 8% of people have filed for bankruptcy multiple times, and these repeat filers represent almost 16% of all registered bankruptcies. Data on U.

S. bankruptcies shows that many people who file for bankruptcy have low household incomes. This is only a small percentage of personal bankruptcies in the United States per year, but it can still put more pressure on the system to tighten the criteria for filing for bankruptcy. A study conducted by Harvard University has revealed that nearly two-thirds of all bankruptcies are due to medical expenses.

When it comes to the total number of bankruptcies, non-commercial bankruptcies make up the majority with 59,058 cases, while there were only 2,682 commercial bankruptcies. This suggests that people are more likely to declare bankruptcy than companies.

Charles Preus
Charles Preus

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